At AI Invest Trade we know that the best way to find good people is through connections to other good people. We also want to provide professionals with opportunities to profit from both What and Who they know. Marrying these two concepts, AI Invest Trade has developed a unique Referral Commission system to reward users for introducing other smart professionals to AI Invest Trade.

Becoming an affiliate of our company is easy!
" We offer high referral commissions of 5 levels deep totalling up to 15% "
  • Just sign up for an account at which point you’ll get your own affiliate link. You can find this in your control panel.
  • Share the URL with whomever, or wherever you want. If you’re going to create an ad, find a banner in the account area to use.
  • To review how many referrals you have made, check the ‘Your Referrals’ section inside your account for a live count.
1: Earn referral commissions with 5 levels: 5%-4%-3%-2%-1%!
  • If you attract a new client, you will earn a commission the moment they place their first deposit. When they deposit, you make 5% of the total deposited amount. 'if the new clients attracts another user , you earn another 4%, 3%, 2% and 1% each level respectively'.
  • You receive commissions the second they are applicable: watch as your balance grows while other users enjoy the benefits of our platform.
  • Tell friends, family, everyone you know about our great platform. Place advertisements; do whatever it takes – just make the most of your affiliate earning potential!

We offer high referral commissions of 5 levels deep totalling up to 15%

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5